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Dickson Asphalt Paving is a premier paving company in Dickson, TN and the surrounding areas. We offer expert service for paving projects ranging from new parking lot installation to sealcoating. Our commercial paving contractors have many years of experience installing and repairing asphalt pavement. We offer competitive, affordable rates and value customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.

Services We Offer

We are a fully-licensed paving company in Tennessee and look forward to helping with your next project. Our team provides high quality, long-lasting new asphalt parking lot and resurfacing solutions at an affordable price. We are fully equipped for any size job you may have! Our full-range of asphalt services include:

We understand that a properly installed parking lot offers a number of benefits that are essential to the success of your business. Smooth asphalt pavement boosts customer satisfaction, creates a great first impression, and improves driver and pedestrian safety.

Free Estimates

We offer free quotes and consultations for all of our services – both large and small projects. Whether you need an asphalt paving contractor for a minor repair and sealcoating to help keep your paved surfaces in great condition, or if you are looking to start a resurfacing project for your entire lot, we can provide advice and a free quote to help get your paving projects started! We also offer tar & chip and concrete services!

Benefits of Commercial Parking Lot Paving

Residential and commercial clients choose asphalt for their new driveway and parking lot paving projects because it is a durable, reliable, and affordable option. Asphalt pavement is relatively low maintenance and can be refreshed with resurfacing and sealcoating. Also, repairs are simpler to complete than on concrete and don’t require much downtime. So your business is able to carry on like normal while parking lot repairs are being performed.

If you have any questions about the benefits of asphalt paving for your commercial property, feel free to give us a call! We look forward to discussing your upcoming paving project and providing a free consultation.

Professional Commercial Asphalt Services

Paving And Resurfacing

Our commercial paving contractors are well-versed in all kinds of asphalt paving. We offer parking lot installation and asphalt paving. For existing parking lots, we also perform overlays, milling and resurfacing, and asphalt repairs. Resurfacing corrects uneven surfaces that cause standing water, and removes small cracks from the asphalt surface.

Parking Lot Repair

Commercial parking lots experience heavy traffic and are subject to many sources of wear and tear. If you have small or large potholes and need experienced repair, call us for a free estimate! We offer cutting and patching, crack sealing, and more repair options! When needed repairs are performed promptly, more extensive damage is prevented.

Routine Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on your asphalt parking lots will ensure they don’t age prematurely and helps prevent future costly repairs. Crack filling prevents debris and water infiltration that can be especially damaging during freeze-thaw cycles. Sealcoating is a high quality barrier that protects asphalt surfaces from motor oil stains, and excessive drying.

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